Mercari US Corporate Web Pages Redesign

Mercari is the largest peer-to-peer community-powered, second-hand shopping application in Japan, being its first unicorn startup with a $75 million round in 2016. Since then, the American application has been growing rapidly, with over 20 million downloads, 100k+ new items listed daily, and a 4.8 star ranking (#14 shopping app in the app store). 

With a growing demand and seller / buyer base, the San Francisco & Portland offices have been hiring aggressively to seek the greatest talent and innovative minds that embody the corporate values: Go Bold | All For One | Be Professional

Yet, the corporate webpages showed otherwise.

Project Lead Designer | 1st project during summer '17 internship
(1/2) Page developer - HTML/CSS Boostrap


During the hiring process, many applicants get a taste of the company's culture and values through the corporate website as that is the first interface they get to the company's direct hiring platform (next to the growing LinkedIn / Monster / Glassdoor platforms). However, while Mercari's mobile application was growing rapidly, there was less focus on the web application, and naturally, its corporate web pages fell short in both design, content, and UX. 

This hindered diversity in the recruitment pool outside of referrals; and most importantly, hurt potential growth in publicity and brand awareness. 



How might we redesign the corporate web pages (About Us & Careers) to reflect Mercari's value proposition, corporate values, and accurately represent its diverse culture / world-class talent?



About Page

About Page

Careers - Hiring page Using JobsLever platform, iframe code embedded in secondary page

Careers - Hiring page
Using JobsLever platform, iframe code embedded in secondary page

Company Research

Casual Q&A with employees in the SF office:


"Can you walk me through a day in your life at Mercari?"
"How would you describe life at Mercari?"
"What has your experience been working for the company?"
"Any memories that stand out?"

How do we want to present ourselves? 
Brainstorming within the design team

• Trust
• Opportunity
• Diversity
• People-First

• Fun
• Excitement
• World-Class Talent

• Creative
• Collaborative


To get a better understanding of key information and elements consistent across most About Us / Careers page interfaces, I researched competitive tech companies to see what is most important for the user - someone looking to onboard onto a rapidly growing start-up, e-commerce company. 


• Company information
• Client / staff / user feedback
• Employee Reviews
• Benefits, work lifestyle, compensations

Key Elements:
• Company values
• Meaningful Statistics - avoid vanity metrics
• Founders information
• Investors


Using a bootstrap template, the other co-intern (Sheng) and I coded & implemented the About, Careers, & Press pages using HTML / CSS and liaised with the Japan team to ship the product through the master codebase. 

Final Roll-Out


Final Presentation

Tommy Tomishima - Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder of Mercari
Robin Clarke - VP of Finance
Sunny Kang - UX Lead Designer, US

Final Takeaways:
Because of responsive design, think about how visual assets / designs will look on commonly used devices / OS's
• When using placeholder visuals to present concept designs to stakeholders, be intentional with photo choice + content + and why?
• Communicate with web development team early-on to understand code base & technical debt to maintain clean, consistent code
• IFrames are not cool.